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 e-Statements Disclosure

e-Statements Disclosure

Thank you for your interest in electronic account statements from First CornerStone Bank. This service is available to you at no cost, and will allow you to view your current and past statements on a secure website. As part of the registration process, please read the following disclosure and indicate your acceptance at the bottom.

You will be notified by email each time that a new statement becomes available for your review and inspection. It is your responsibility to access the statement. You can gain access to your account statements by using any type of computer connected to the Internet. The preferred browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8.0 or higher. There are several types of viewers available for your statement including a text version and a PDF format viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher. You will need a printer if you want to create a paper copy of your statements. By requesting to receive your statements electronically, you are telling First CornerStone Bank that you have printing capabilities.

In order to send you notification of your current eStatement, we must always have your current email address on file. If your email address changes, please log in to your Online Banking account. Once logged in, please select “My Profile” in the top right hand corner of the “Accounts Overview” screen. From this screen, you will be able to input your new email address and also be asked to verify this change. If you need assistance, please call us toll free at 888-963-3272 or contact a local branch office so that we may update your file.

Your eStatements contain the same information as a paper statement and can be printed out. However, if you wish for us to mail you a copy of a paper account statement (including past statements), charges may apply. Please consult your Common Features disclosure for a listing of our account and transaction fees.

By submitting this request, you authorize First CornerStone Bank to discontinue sending statements via postal mail service and begin sending your statement information electronically. You understand that the statement information received from First CornerStone Bank is encrypted and password protected for your security. You may contact us by telephone, at 888-963-3272, or by email, at eStatements@firstcornerstone.com, if you wish to discontinue the electronic delivery and return to traditional paper account statements.

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