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 QuickBooks Download FAQ Guide

Business Banking Online & QuickBooks
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide

General Questions

Q. What is the QuickBooks download service?

A. This is a service that allows you to export your account register data directly into your QuickBooks, helping you avoid duplicate work and gain time and efficiency.

Q. Is there a fee to link my First CornerStone Bank business accounts to QuickBooks?

A. No, this feature is absolutely FREE to all Bank business customers.

Q. Can I link my personal accounts to QuickBooks?

A. No, First CornerStone currently offers this feature only to our business customers.


Q. What is required for me to link my business account to QuickBooks?

A. First, you will require a current version of QuickBooks installed on your computer. Second, you must also be enrolled in our Choice Business Banking Online system, and have an active User ID and password. If you are not enrolled for Internet banking, you can do so by visiting www.firstcornerstone.com and clicking the link for “New Users” in the top right corner of the page.

Exporting to QuickBooks

Q. How do I export my First CornerStone Bank business account activity to QuickBooks?

A. Once you log in to your Choice Business Banking account, click the orange “QuickBooks” link in the upper right corner of the screen.


You will then be directed to the QuickBooks WebConnect Export Specifications screen. Here you select the account, category, and date range of what you want to export.


Once you’ve made your selections from the dropdown menus, click the “Export Transactions” button at the bottom of the screen.

On a computer with QuickBooks installed, clicking the “Export Transactions Button” will result in QuickBooks automatically opening the file and performing a “one-step update”.

On a computer without QuickBooks installed, clicking the “Export Transactions Button” will result in a dialog box appearing that will prompt you to save a QuickBooks file to your PC. This file can then be imported directly into your QuickBooks software for reconcilement of your accounts.

For further support with the import of your activity into QuickBooks, we recommended you contact Intuit Support by visiting their website or calling them directly at 888-859-4056.







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